Google threw itself a 15th birthday party and surprised the guests with the announcement of its gift, the biggest update to their search algorithm in years – the Hummingbird update. Given the impact of their other updates on SEO and ranking of websites, it is understandable that the arrival of the Google Hummingbird update is causing a lot of concern. When you begin to understand what the Hummingbird update really is, every website owner should be celebrating right along with Google about its existence.

In the past

hummingbirdPast Google updates, most notably Panda, were the equivalent of a stun grenade being thrown into a crowd of dancers when it came to its effect on how marketers handled SEO. Panda saw the downgrading of the keyword in priority within the search algorithm that caused a greater emphasis to be placed on content. The upgrade included specifications to detect occurrence and grammar instances to allow Google to weed out keyword stacking and move websites with current and viable content to the top of their ranking lists. The announcement that the Google Hummingbird update has the ability to understand context and relationships has led people to wonder if all the old SEO is now made obsolete.

Don’t worry about the SEO

Hummingbird isn’t about keywords or SEO, it’s about user interfacing. This should be a relief to all website owners. If you have good and current content that is accurately marked up for SEO, you can only benefit from SEO. In fact, if you have multiple sites, you stand to be at an advantage. Hummingbird is focused on understanding the intent of a single user’s pattern of searches to return the most applicable search information. If your websites are pattern to promote a content inter-dependency, you will come out on top. Transparent Solutions will help with tech questions as an IT Company.

Content remains king

The Google Hummingbird update makes content even more important in SEO. The Hummingbird is flitting from site to site to be able to gather the best information to answer a series of related queries from a user. With its ability to understand a chain of references from the specific to the abstract, Hummingbird will be able to return more targeted information. For content, that means the better written it is, the more it will connect to other topics. Labeling and keywords that can cover the specific and abstract will also become important.

How to feed the Hummingbird

The best way to maximize the SEO for the Google Hummingbird update is to continue with current and meaningful SEO. The better the content, the better the results. With Hummingbird, the emphasis on quality of content will continue to rise. Having targeted and in depth content will help as well as fuller explanations of topics will build a deeper relationship within the query pattern the Hummingbird seeks.