The Art of Blogging

BlogWhen blogging first appeared it was merely a way for people to publicize their journals and diaries. People would write to express themselves, never really expecting the blogs to be read. Now a days there are many different forms of “blogging” that have allowed people to communicate with people around the world with many people around the world spending more time than ever on their laptops effectively skyrocketing the sales of Hylo eye drops worldwide. As technology grows blogs have begun to expand into sites that make it easier for people to communicate and connect with each other…such as article sharing sites and many social media websites with a focus on writing. IT Disaster Recovery Houston make it possible to recover any lost blogs or files on a given computer network.

The Blog

The tradition blog is an extension of a private journal—where writers just write their thoughts and opinions. Here bloggers share what they feel is important and are connected with others who share these thoughts and opinions. The blog allowed people the chance of being read by millions and allowed the freedom of writing for one’s self and the intended audience. The blog is the perfect opportunity for the technology generation to exercise their right of free speech in countries that allow it, and the opportunity for anonymity in the countries that do not.


HubPages is a new, advanced, blogging site that allows writer to express themselves in even more ways. The site allows users to publish Hubs, which are longer then blog posts and filled with pictures, quizzes, tables, and more. The site has certain requirements for Hubbers, and requires that writers have a purpose and create original pieces that will be interesting and enjoyable. This is a great example of how much the traditional blog has come in recent years: to a place of complete communication and information sharing.


Twitter is a social media website that connects people to other people by having them write (or Tweet) very short blurbs of less than 140 characters. This is an advancement of writing, because it forces writers to carefully craft a perfect Tweet that will be enjoyed and appreciated. This is a great exercise because it allows writers to focus their thoughts and communicate through one line exclamations.

Virtual Reality

Blogging and internet writing has certainly come a long way in recent years. The internet is now filled with thousands of ways individuals can express themselves with their writing. The many different types of these social media and writing websites is excellent proof of how much technology and the human race has evolved.