Humans have come a long way in preserving our histories with the written word & content writing services: from cave paintings to chisels and tablets to large printing machines that only printed Bibles to the thousands of publishing companies out there today to the amazing Winnipeg real estate for sale. One of the great, newer, advancements in publishing is the act of self-publishing. Since the boom of the internet millions have published their work online through blogs, winnipeg website design sites, and such; however in recent years individuals have been given the opportunity to have their novels and other works published as real print books through the use of self-publishing websites. This great technological advancement has given writers the freedom to control their work and have it presented to the public in less time than traditional publishing.

The Website Services

Lulu LogoThere are quite a few different self-publishing websites for the do it yourself writer, these include: Amazon’s CreateSpace,,, and many more. Each site offers writers the editing services for additional fees as well as formatting guides. will publish in paperback and hardback, and CreateSpace will only publish in paperback—though CreateSpace overs authors the opportunity to sell on Amazon as Print On Demand, which will help in production and selling costs. None of the services will advertise the books; this is up to the independent author.

Tools for Book Presentation

As this is self-publishing, it is up to the author to ensure their book is suitable, error-free, and well presented. This will require a lot of editing on the part of the writer, as well as the need to hire an editing service or a freelance editor. It is also up to the author to format their book and ensure the cover and illustrations are excellent. Authors can use the templates provided from the services and can also use many book cover illustration websites, such as Cover Creator. Authors are always given proofs of their books to check for errors and also have the option to reprint their books if needed.

A New Publishing Frontier

Self-publishing is assessable to average people due to the great advancements in technology and the internet. Printing machines are easier to understand and are more easily purchased, and the development of Print on Demand allows for cost savings for the author and the service provider. This new advancement has allowed for millions more novels and stories to be offered to the billions of readers in the world.