All the updates by Google are thematic. Every change to the search engine algorithm is done with the goal of serving up to people better and more relevant results when they search for information at Google. All websites what to get on top or on the first page of internet search results by Google because the potential clients or target customers will not find them easily if they are ranked lowly.

google penguin updateAt the early times during rise of Google, SEO experts managed to figure out the algorithms that Google applied to get websites ranked highly and literally abused it. For instances, Google, by then used to rank highly articles or websites that had many links to it, SEO experts created many artificial links to website to get them ranked highly.

Within short period of time, Google internet search results were filed with spam and garbage. Sites with good, original content were ranked lowly to those that had copied or rewritten their content. This created many problems for Google and it had to find solution. First, it developed Google Panda and released it in February 2011, and then Google Penguin, which was released in April 2012.

So, what is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin, or Google penguin as it is popular known, is a Google algorithm code name update which for the first time was announced in April 2012. The aim of this update is to decrease the ranking of search results rankings of those websites which attempt to get higher rankings in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It detects the websites that use what is known as ‘black-hat SEO techniques’ to artificially increase web page ranking through the manipulation of the links that point to the page.

How does Google Penguin work?

Nobody knows for sure how Google Penguin works. If people discover exactly the algorithms that Google applies to get websites ranked highly then, SEO Company and website owners will try to fool the system to get their websites ranked highly.

Experts at Executive SEO Inc. tell us that how Google Penguin works is a TOP SECRET – Google will not let any one know soon. Now that it has learned what people can do to have their websites ranked highly, when its algorithm of ranking websites in the past was discovered, it keeps updating the Google Penguin algorithm from time to time. It is only the website with top notch content, the meets the Google’s complex ranking system, which will get ranked highly.

Another reason why you would know exactly how Google Penguin works soon is that, Google, being the leading internet search engine will not let the secrets of its rankings known to its competitors such as Bing. Ideally, all the internet search engines encourage website owners to produce content of the highest quality if they are to get ranked on top, or highly in the search results.

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