The Manner In Which Innovations Affect The Industrial Sector

With time, humans have realized a new way to improve their basic day-to-day living. Innovations have become a central focus point of the human generation. Although the interest has resulted in many benefits, there are also some disadvantages that have been introduced with the use of technology.

Advantages of technology

1) Makes work easier

The obvious advantage of the machines is their ability to make easier. They have allowed work that would have taken years with manual labor to be completed in just a few months. Furthermore, they have also allowed the lifting and easy transportation of heavy materials that would be impossible with manual labor. It is thus obvious that machines have made work easier.

2) 24/7 operation

Another advantage of the machines is their ability to work 24/7 without feeling tired or worn out. When using manual labor, getting tired is a factor that affects production. The technology allows production to take place all day and all night, with little or no control. Without machines, such production would be non-existent.

3) Minimal wastage

Machines are made in a manner that ensures all the products manufactured are perfect. This means there is less wastage of the raw materials and products due to errors. Products with errors are a frequent issue when using human labor. However, with machines it is very rare. This in turn results in less wastage and more profits.

4) Uniformity of products and easy transitions

In relation to the above point, the machines ensure that all the products produced are similar to each other. The products look the same; have the same weight, color and height as some of the few characteristics. In addition, when a trait of the product needs to be changed, the new code is easily installed into the machine system. The production then begins immediately. With human labor, the transition would take a lot of time and costs.

5) Handling of harmful substances

Machines have also allowed people to manufacture essential products that would not be conducive for manufacture by humans. This means that there are chemicals that humans cannot handle due to negative reactions, thus machines are the best option.

Disadvantages of technology

1) Unemployment

Although technology has many advantages, you still need to agree that it has also brought some negative effects. One of the main negative trait of technology is the fact that it has led to an increase in unemployment. The machines tend replace a large number of human laborers. Thus, their introduction in a company affects the employment of people in it.

2) Expensive to keep on innovating and buying new tech

Another worrying factor about technology is the need to ensure that it is kept up to date and more developed machines of previous versions are introduced. As the new machines offer additional advantages, the companies like to keep up with the latest technologies, thus end up buying the new machines. This with time is very costly.


Technology and its frequent innovations may offer various advantages but you still need to realize its disadvantages. Makers of technology should thus try to use it to offer solutions to the disadvantages and still maintain its advantages. This way technology will be the best resource that humans have.