Animation Through the Years

A few days ago the movie Frozen, by Disney, was released on DVD and Blu-Ray, this computer animated children’s movie is one major example of how far technology has come in regards to animation. Animation, like all movie styles, is still new for the human race and it has come a long way since its development. The format that Frozen was created in (computer animation) is so new in fact, that the creators themselves are still beginners—the Disney company had to partner with Pixar in order to create its first computer animated full length movies.

In The Beginning

At first Animators could only create short clips (cartoons) that would air before live action movies in the cinemas. This was due to lack of technology and the length of time it took to draw and produce just one little cartoon. The first animations typically used sound effects and strong visuals for the stories.

Disney’s Animation Acceleration

Walt Disney was the first person who thought animation could appear in a full length feature. Many were skeptical of his vision; they did not think he would attract an audience that would wish to watch cartoons for more than an hour. They were proven wrong, though, once Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs hit the cinemas and became an overnight sensation. Disney soon created many more animated films and was followed by other movie companies—each competing for a brand new movie audience: children and families.

Computer Animation

Computer animation really started to pick up in the 1990’s, with little shorts done by Pixar and a few others. It really started to pick up when Pixar decided to create a full length picture—Toy Story. Once that became a success Pixar, and other companies, started to create computer animated films. And the animators only grow in skill as the years go by and they are able to create new computer animated successes.

21st Century And Beyond

In just the thirteen years of the start of this century, we are already well into creating new and exciting animator works. Animation improves every couple of years with artists learning new techniques and with the advancement of new technologies. Today everyday people can create and upload onto the web their unique animated projects and creations. One can only imagine what the next one hundred years will bring to the world of animation.